Pokémon SunlightEdit

Welcome to the Wiki of Pokémon Sunlight! Here, you can information about the game, downloads and more. Enjoy!

About Pokémon SunlightEdit

I began Pokémon Sunlight as something to do for fun(testing and that kind of things) but I decieded to release it to the public(there isn't a download yet but I will release an Alpha soon) The game is about a young trainer(You). You live in Woodbarrow Town in the Ustor region. You have a important task: stopping the Conquerors(The evil team). They participated in a big war hunderds of years ago, and they lost, thanks to The Light(The defenders of the Ustor region). After the war they disappeard, but know they're back again! You and your friend(your rival) have to stop them. You will meet alot of Pokémon, in a new region with an awesome storyline!


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